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Vibration Control Products


STILLPOINTS - The most effective vibration control devices we have ever used.


“With the Stillpoints Ultras, the soundstage opened up with greater width, depth, and bloom around images…Stillpoints made the background 'blacker' and quieter, allowing greater clarity and resolution…not inexpensive, but in the context of a high-end system, they provide a huge sonic return on the investment!”
 – Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, December 2011 (read the review)

"The Stillpoints LPI immediately imposes a sense of balanced calm on proceedings: the band step away from the speakers, the recording becomes a single, coherent entity, while the stereo perspective becomes much more natural, especially in terms of height. The drum kit solidifies into a single compact unit, rather than having elements scattered across the soundstage, the chiming guitars are both better separated and more insistent. But most telling of all is the drop in apparent volume; the music doesn’t seem so loud because so much hash and noise has been stripped away...I’ve found no music that fails to benefit from the LPI and it has become an essential piece of the turntable setup."
 – Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat, July 2012

“…we used the Stillpoint isolation devices under the [$39,000] Burmester 911 Mk III amplifiers (and to wonderful effect). The Stillpoints opened up the sound of the amps to a remarkable degree!”
 - Harry Pearson, Founder and Chairman, The Absolute Sound

"They've (Stillpoints) brought a cleanness and sophistication to my system that I've grown addicted to."
 - Graham Abbot, Positive Feedback Online (read the review)



Stillpoints are perhaps the most sophisticated vibration control devices ever designed and are based on a patented technology that is applied in different ways and in varying levels of implementation among the product family. This patented technology is an intricate structure composed of ten internal components including Delrin, aluminum, stainless steel, and an arrangement of tiny ceramic spheres that dissipate vibration. Vertical vibration is dissipated by being converted into horizontal motion, specifically the ceramic spheres pushing against a circular array of flexible “petals.” and the vibrational energy is then converted to heat.

Stillpoints will support the weight of virtually any component or speaker you own. While they might seem expensive, once you hear what they do for the sound of your system we know you will be impressed! Stillpoints produce consistent improvements in clarity, articulation, natural image size, and tonal color, all without tipping the frequency balance of your system. You’ll hear your music more and your system less, regardless of the performance level of your components and rack.



The Ultra Riser uses a four-tier ball-bearing filter to prevent any unwanted vibration from infecting components. It is height-adjustable, and will dramatically improve the sound of your components or loudspeakers. It's ideal anywhere in the system but most effective under loudspeakers with the appropriate adapters.(Threaded inserts available for any speakers).


Ultra 5 is a larger, more robust version of the Ultra. The Ultra 5 employs five pockets of Stillpoints technology per unit for maximum stability and vibration reduction. Using four Ultras under a loudspeaker and enjoying 4 pockets of Stillpoint technology, four Ultra 5 provide 20 pockets of isolation under each loudspeaker.This is a massive improvement and provides a drastic increase in the level of isolation.


Ultra Mini Risers feature four full tiers of ball bearings that act as a filter system to reduce the transfer of vibration. These newly designed devices, the baby brothers to The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award-winning Ultra Risers, will deliver improvements like a greater sense of space around instruments and voices, low-level detail retrieval, and microdynamic shadings.The Ultra Mini can be used directly attached to the chassis or usedwith the base it comes with. Height adjustability is .160" or a little over 1/8"( .125"). The Ultra Mini is meant to be placed under components that rest on a shelf. Three can be used to support a component. Four will give another 25% in performance.


The LP Isolator is a record weight that slips over the spindle of your turntable and rests on the label portion of your LP to absorb the micro vibrations that can interfere with stylus/record contact. The dissipation of these vibrations makes the analog musical reproduction much clearer, cleaner, more delicate, more open and more lifelike. Based on the technology that made the Stillpoints Cones and Stillpoints Ultras the most effective isolation devices around, the LP Isolator is an incredibly effective record weight with massive audible benefits.



The standard thread for Stillpoints products is 1/4-20. ( 1/4" diameter, 20 threads per inch). Adapters are available in a variety of sizes. However, The Ultra can be made to a specific thread size in batch quantities. All adapters are made of stainless steel. A thread adaptability chart is on the Stillpoints web site.

For information on the Stillpoints ESS Racks, please click on image below: