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Passionate, experienced and honest - Audio Revelation is a high end audio store providing music lovers and audiophiles expert audio advice and premium gear. Located in Carlsbad, CA, right between San Diego and Orange County, we are proud to offer some of the best tube and solid state amps, preamps, DACs, turntables, tonearms, cartridges, CD players and of course, speakers. We carry over 40+ brands including Audience, Berkeley, Bryston, EAR, Luxman, Magico, Modwright, Rowland, VAC, Vivid and more!


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"The sound that the Magico S3s produced was absolutely stunning; it was immediately discernable how good these speakers were." - The Absolute Sound

The Magico S3 is a full range, floorstanding loudspeaker that offers cutting edge technology and unparalleled performance at its price.

well tempered versalex
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FEATURED TURNTABLE - Well Tempered Versalex 
"Its sound was relaxed, natural and effortless but immaculately timed and tonally inspiring' - The Audio Beat

The flagship Well Tempered Versalex turntable and removable LTD tonearm are latest analog masterpieces from WT.
Zesto Bia
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'A bonafide masterpiece' - Bob Levi, Positive Feedback

Zesto introduces the Bia 120 Class A Stereo Tube Power Amplifier - Power Without Compromise! In Greek mythology, Bia is the Titan Goddess of force and power.
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"The EAR 868 is a great preamp package. With a lively sense of clarity and the usual extra sense of spaciousness to the sound valves bring, it injects life into any system... Dazzling transients, delicious intricacy and a superb phono stage... Super fast and vividly clean sounding valve preamplifier with fine phono stage. Superb!"
- Noel Keywood, Hi-Fi World
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FEATURED DAC - Bricasti M1
'A Class A+ digital processor and has state-of-the-art measured performance"
- John Atkinson, Stereophile

The highly acclaimed Bricasto M1 DAC is now available with the latest generation asynchronous USB interface supporting sample rates of 192khx and 24 bits!
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Audio Revelation is two-channel store that consults with you to choose the right gear creating remarkable musical experiences.

* On Demo: 5 USB DACS, 12 turntables, 14 tonearms, 18 tube/25 SS electronics, 12 pr speakers

* 25 years experience

* 40 Leading-edge brands

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